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Shipping Policy


Which countries dose CUSMIZ ship to?

CUSMIZ ships to most countries in the world but there are some exceptions due to legal restrictions or shipping carrier limitations. For now, CUSMIZ doesn’t ship to Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea.


What is the estimated delivery time and how is it calculated?

CUSMIZ’s estimated delivery time (EDT) is our prediction of when an order could be delivered to you. The EDT is the sum of estimated fulfillment and shipping time. Think:

 Estimated fulfillment + Estimated shipping = Estimated delivery time

 Our fulfillment time average is 3–5 business days for Custom products and 5–7 business days for shipping products. When we calculate the Estimated fulfillment time, we take into account the current order volume and our capacity.

 The Estimated shipping time is calculated according to our historical shipping data for deliveries to your area or selling region.

 The Estimated delivery time is just an estimate, it’s not a guarantee. You can receive the order past the EDT for reasons, like:

  •  Issues with design files
  • Products being out of stock
  • Shipping-related delays like failed delivery attempts or service disruptions

We work our hardest to meet our delivery estimates. If you’re ever in a situation where you haven’t received the order and it’s past its estimated delivery time, please allow a few more days. If you still haven’t received your order, get in touch with us at, we’ll check your order status, and let you know how to proceed.


What should I do if it's past the estimated delivery time and I still haven't received my order?

If your order’s estimated delivery time has passed and you still haven’t received it, here’s what you do:

  1. Wait a day or two. Shipments can get delayed for reasons we can’t predict. We understand it’s frustrating to deal with late shipments, but please remember that our estimated delivery time is just an estimate - it’s not a guarantee.
  2. If you still haven’t received your order, get in touch with our customer support team. Let us know about your delayed shipment and we’ll check the latest delivery estimates to your location. Reach us by clicking the yellow speech bubble in the bottom right corner or email us at


What if my order gets lost or damaged in the mail?

If you haven’t received your order or notice an issue with the products, reach out to our customer support team, and we’ll help you get it solved. Please read our Return Policy for more details.